July 11, 2017

Payout for the special races on Friday July 14th and Monday night July 31st

    July 14   July 31   July 31
    Grand National   Dirt Kings Late Model   B Mods
1   $500   $4,000   $500
2   $300   $2,500   $300
3   $250   $2,000   $250
4   $200   $1,000   $200
5   $175   $900   $175
6   $155   $800   $155
7   $145   $700   $145
8   $135   $600   $135
9   $125   $500   $125
10   $115   $500   $115
11   $110   $500   $110
12   $105   $500   $105
13   $100   $500   $100
14   $100   $500   $100
15   $100   $400   $100
16   $100   $400   $100
17   $100   $400   $100
18   $100   $400   $100
19   $100   $400   $100
20   $100   $400   $100
21       $400    
22       $400    
Non Transfer cars   $90   $200   $90


June 26,2017

PDTR is hosting a "Job Fair"  Saturday, July 15th

Are you looking to hire or be hired ?  On Saturday July 15th Plymouth Dirt Track Racing will be hosting a job fair in conjunction with our regular Saturday night racing program.

Employers, our fans may have the skill set that you're looking for to fill your current openings.   Let's get people matched up with jobs!


The cost for a 10X10 space is $75.00,

For more information please contact Bill at

June 6, 2017


The 360 Sprints and Micro Sprints will be getting a bigger purse courtesy of Corrie Portschy, Chris Clark and Hopf Farms. 360 Sprints will also have driver introductions before their A Main. $55 will be given to the 5th place cars on lap 5 in both classes. Also $155 will go to the winner of the Micro Sprint A Main and $255 to the winner of the 360 Sprint A Main.

Bank First National has increased the purse in the 360 Sprint divsion for Saturday June 10.


May 5, 2017


360 Sprint Cars - Kristine Hartmann will be giving Plymouth Chamber cash

Grand Nationals -  The Back 40 will be giving gift cards

Micro Sprints - Millennium Technologies will be giving certificates

BMods -  Texas Roadhouse will be giving certificates

Late Models - Buffalo Wild Wings will be giving certificates


July 26, 2016

Hagar's Half Pounder Cookie Night
Saturday, July 30 is Hagar's Half Pounder Cookie Night. Each feature winner will win a t-shirt, hat, decal and a four pack of cookies and then roll the dice for a chance to win bonus money. The driver will receive $50 for each dot and what ever money that isn't won through the dice roll will go to one lucky wildcard driver that is picked at the start of the night. Thanks Hagar

Coppersmith Rescheduled:  The family and friends of Paul Coppersmith wish to celebrate his life and remember his passing on July 23, 2015. Paul was a lifelong sprint car fan, a longtime supporter and sponsor of Randy Tracy and Jimmy Melis. He spent many Saturday nights filming races for the Tracy Team in corner one. The A Main sprint car feature on Aug. 13 will include and additional $600 to the winner in memory of Paul Coppersmith.

Nov. 11, 2015

At the request of both drivers and fans we will be bringing back the PDTR Yearbook for the 2016 season. The book will feature a picture of each car and head shot of the driver along with personal and sponsor information. There will also be some track history and basic racing information included. The book will be done in color and produced by Delta Publications. Delta currently produces race programs and the fan guide for Road America. In order for the yearbook to be a success we will need many advertisers to participate by taking out an ad in the book. For Ad information click here. If you would be interested in being
a part of this or have any questions please contact: Janeen Cain at or Bill Weinaug at ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Sept. 20, 2015

Changes to PDTR 2016 Divison Lineups After reviewing the 2015 season the PDTR committee has decided to make changes for the 2016 season. Due to declining car counts the Outlaw Compact division will no longer be racing. Likewise the Super Modified division will not return. After two years we didn’t see enough interest in the division to see it grow as we had hoped. We want to thank the drivers and owners who supported the division the last two years in an attempt to bring the class back to life.Thanks to everyone who has supported PDTR in the past